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Executive Branded Speakers

When it comes to bespoke branded merchandise is there anything cooler than our Branded speakers?

Branded speakers make ideal corporate tech gifts, high quality branded merchandise that will grab the attention of anyone lucky enough to receive them. Custom speakers are fast becoming one of the most in-demand products in promotional technology. From the highly fashionable printed wireless speakers to the active and passive (AP) types, speakers offer plenty of versatility that can suit all budgets. Branded speakers work brilliantly as luxury merchandise, whether to gift as promotional corporate gifts or even to resell as high-end merchandise, both offer a higher perceived value for money, a key factor for both promotional and retail. More people are using promotional technology than ever before, for both work and leisure, and when looking at company merchandise ideas then speakers should be high on the list. These ideal, high-end promotional items can be used at outdoor events, for gatherings at the park or on the beach, possibly a Bluetooth option so you can play music directly from your phone. Speakers are excellent executive branded gifts too, as more people work from home then speakers are a must-have but can also be used for downtime, playing background music. Eco-friendly bespoke branded merchandise has also increased in popularity, with more people opting for sustainable personalised corporate gifts than ever before. The custom bamboo cased speakers are incredibly in demand, not only do they look great but offer the perfect solution when looking to gift premium branded merchandise. Company branded speakers are by far the most unique, the best brand merchandise for clients and employee reward gifts, they possess a tempting appeal for prizes for online and social media competitions too. Having a generous branding area with pad and screen print being widely used, allows your company logo to be seen clearly which will resonate and more and equally as important, will be remembered. 

Looking for unusual promotional gifts? look at our custom branded Bluetooth speakers

There are many wonderful and unusual promotional gifts out there for brand merchandising and custom Bluetooth speakers are certainly at the forefront. The 4-in 1 speaker is a prime example of luxury branded merchandise, an impressive outdoor multitool, consisting of a power bank, wireless speaker and camping torch with a generous 4000 mAh battery. The branded dB Decibel Bluetooth Speaker is another fine specimen of premium branded merchandise at its best. It boasts a 6W output with a microphone for hands-free calls. The quirky and unusual features of the Fabric trend speaker make this an exceptional item for brand merchandising. Donning a soft touch fabric grill, playing time of 4 hours within a range of 10 metres, compatible with all mobile devices. An ideal item to consider when looking into both promotional and retail branded merchandise ideas. our custom fabric printed wireless charger with a speaker is a trendy and modern design, offering a 4000 mAh battery with a 3W output, perfect for the home office with a playtime of up to 3 hours. They could make the ideal gifts, combined with luxury, custom branded notebooks. 

What sort of audience will fall in love with our promotional technology?

The most appealing attributes of promotional technology are that it can be used by anyone and at any time. Promotional technology is especially ideal for younger audiences; speakers being used by friends and young people meeting up. Background music and loud music to dance to, under the stars, on the beach and enjoying the great outdoors. Travelling business executives will find technology a lifeline when out on the road, between client visits and needing hands free technology for communication. Due to many items being small and compact, it allows for them to be easily transported on leisure or business trips, in bags or even pockets! The possibilities are endless and as our digital age continues to grow stronger then so do our needs to meet the changing landscapes with relevant and sustainable promotional technology. 


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